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The Entomological Society of NSW

The Entomological Society of NSW



February 2024 (no. 632) – Wizard of Quantock Hills, Websites of entomological interest

December 2023 (no. 631) – Ted Taylor student prize, Member profile (Nick Farr), Profile of Keith Campbell, AES conference Albany, Photo Corner, Websites of entomological interest.

October 2023 (no. 630) – George Bornemissza’s Dung beetles at the Pooseum, Ted Taylor Award, 1969 paper surveying grain insects in farm machinery and storage, Websites of new entomological research.

August 2023 (no. 629) – Websites of new entomological research

June 2023 (no. 628) – Samurai wasp, Global Insect Threat-Response Synthesis (GLiTRS) project, Websites of entomological interest

April 2023 (no. 627) – Minutes of the 69th Annual General Meeting, Financial Report of the Entomological Society of NSW for 2022, Websites of entomological interest

February 2023 (no. 626) – Varroa mite predators, Websites of entomological interest, Photo corner (Insects observed on Leptospermum polygalifolium Salisb.)

December 2022 (no. 625) – Annual Christmas Dinner and The Quiz, Member spotlight (Max Moulds), Varroa mite- a call to arms, Field observation on New England dung beetles, update from the University of New England Insect Ecology Lab, Websites of entomological interest, Photo corner (Megachile bee pollination, Asian Woolly Hackberry Aphid, Halictid native bees, dragonfly, Jack Jumper ant, UK giant slug, Diaeretiella rapae)

October 2022 (no. 624) –Member spotlight (David Emery), Photo Corner (insects feeding on glory pea (Gompholobium grandiflorum)).

August 2022 (no. 623) –Member spotlight (Ross Rickard), Butterflies, names and beetles, Insights into the Decline of Western USA Monarchs from Australian Research, Websites of new entomological research, Photo Corner (Ambrose Lunnon and Sonia Stace’s photos of blue-banded bees, snake mantid, planthopper, robber fly, bee fly, red-lined looper moth, pink-bellied moth).

June 2022 (no. 622) – Presidents report, Minutes of 68th AGM, Honorary Secretaries report, Honorary Treasurers report, Member spotlight (Khalid Ahmad), Volatile organic compounds in livestock dung define dung preference by dung beetles, Dinah’s travelling north again, The origins of invasive cockroaches are not reflected in their names, Websites of new entomological research, Photo Corner (orchard swallowtail).

April 2022 (no. 621) – Presidents report (2021), Minutes of the 67th AGM, Honorary Secretaries report (2020), Financial statements (2021), Member spotlight (Ambrose Lunnon), Memorial to Roger Blackman, Dinah Hales travels in NW Australia, The mothers of entomological history, Websites of entomological interest, Photo corner

February 2022 (no. 620) – Member spotlight (Peter Miller), The attraction of dung beetles to dung derived from different pastures, Websites of entomological interest

December 2021 (no. 619) – Member spotlight (Thomas Heddle), the world’s most colourful silverfish?, Dung Beetle research, Research project on egg parasitoids of stink bugs, Websites of entomological interest, Photo corner

October 2021 (no. 618) -Member Spotlight (Garry Webb), Book announcement (The Distribution of Australian Dragonflies), the story of Joseph Henry Maiden, Websites of entomological interest, Photo Corner (ant baiting in the Northern Territory)

August 2021 (no. 617) -Member Spotlight (Grant Herron), Parasitisation of sphingid caterpillars by a tachinid fly, Websites of entomological interest, Photo Corner (galls caused by Apiomorpha variabilis)

June 2021 (no. 616- Member spotlight (Stephen Fellenberg), Nigel Andrew- Fullbright Scholarship, dung beetles and climate change, Websites of entomological interest, Photo Corner (ant adventures on Christmas Island 2004)

April 2021 (no. 614 – Member spotlight (Graham Brown), Websites of entomological interest, Photo Corner (insects associated with rice flower Ozothamnus diosmofolius including Stenoderus suturalis, Syllitus sp., Platyomopsis nigrovirescens)

December 2020 (no. 613) – Winners of Ted Taylor Memorial Prize, Member spotlight (Nigel Andrew), Websites of entomological interest, Photo Corner (carnivorous sundew, Amatid moth, predation on model caterpillars, Dipterophagus daci parasitised fruit fly abdomen)

September 2020 (no. 612) – Brown marmorated stink bug, Modified mounting method for aphids, Ephemeral study sites and type localities, Member spotlight (Robert Ryan), Websites of entomological interest, Photo Corner (Castiarina sexplagiata, Eleale sp., Themognatha variabilis, Stigmodera macularia), Ant adventures in the Philippines

July 2020 (no. 611) – News from the Council, Ted Taylor prize, Member spotlight (Bryce Peters), Websites of entomological interest, Photo Corner (Morelia spilota spilota, Hesthesis cingulata, Suluwesi ant baiting, termite field trials)

May 2020 (no. 610) – Invasive ants, Member spotlight (Graeme Smith), Websites of entomological interest, Photo Corner (ant baiting)

March, 2020 (no. 609) Presidents Report, Minutes of the 66th AGM, Honorary Secretaries Report, Treasurers Report, Member Spotlight (George Hangay), Websites of entomological interest, Photo Corner (ground pearls, cockroaches, Bupresitdae in the NSW Agriculture collection, Rhytiphora solandri, Cyrioides imperalis)

January 2020 (no. 608) – Where do you really come from? a type locality dilemma, Member Spotlight (Dinah Hales), Websites of entomological interest, Photo Corner (some Australian butterflies and a dragonfly, Jacky Lizard feeding on pollinating insects, Beetle visitors to yellow bloodwood)

November 2019 (no. 607) – St Ives Wildflower Festival, Update on Stevie, Websites of entomological interest, Member profile (Bernie Dominiak), Photo Corner (Thynnid wasps, Tiphiid wasp mating, blowflies on dog phallus fungus, lacewing and robber fly)

August 2019 (no. 606) – Council and Committee members, News from the Council, Note from the Website Manager on Journal preprints, Stevie’s story, new silverfish species on Lord Howe Island and Balls Pyramid- expect the unexpected, Photo Corner (Harlequin Bug, some insects on Acacia)

February 2017 (no. 602) – Minutes of previous AGM, out-going Presidents report, Secretaries report, Treasurers report

February 2016 (no. 601) – Minutes of previous AGM, out-going Presidents report, Secretaries report, Treasurers report, Photos of some Peruvian invertebrates

March 2015 (No. 600) – Minutes of previous AGM, out-going Presidents report, Secretaries report, Glass insect exhibition, Treasurer’s report, Business Manager’s report, A note on the Fig Longicorn scientific naming

March 2014 (no. 599- Interim minutes of previous AGM, out-going Presidents report, Secretaries report, Treasurer’s report, Business Manager’s report

March 2013 (No. 598) – Minutes of previous AGM, Letter from out-going President, Secretaries report, Treasurer’s report

March 2012 (No 597) – Minutes of previous AGM, Out-going Vice-Presidents letter, Secretaries report, Treasurer’s report, Journal Editor’s report, Business Manager’s report, Vists to Westmead Hospital Medical Entomology & AQIS, Christmas function, Show & Tell from May meeting

May 2011 (No 596) – Current situation with Society, Out-going President’s address, Secretaries report 2010)

March 2011 (No 595) – Financial statement, kids contacting our web site, Coquillettidia xanthogaster (Diptera: Culicidae), Silverfish

November 2010 (No. 594) – Cave invertebrates, Book Review (Katydids of Australia), Giant Fish Killers (Diplonychus & Lethocerus)

September 2010 (No. 593) – Citrus and Huanglongbing, Book reviews (Guide to Beetles, Field Guide to Insects), Moth sleuthing (Pyroderces mesoptila)

July 2010 (No. 592) – Filming Dawson’s Burrowing bees, Lace Bugs

May 2010 (No. 591) – Reports from 2010 AGM, Prawns related to flying insects?, Eucalyptus Stem Borers

March 2010 (No. 590) – Probing spider venoms as sources of insecticides, Public contact with our web site, Book Review (Arachnids), Some insects from Sabah & Sarawak, Christmas function

November 2009 (No. 589) – Integrated flea control, Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Festival 2009, Australian Entomological Society Darwin Conference, Life and death on a Sydney rose bush

September 2009 (No. 588) – Sitobion aphids, mantids in Sydney gardens, Long Lost Phasmid, Acizza psyllids, Book Review “Dust Mites” by MJ Colloff, silverfish in the West Macdonnell NP

July 2009 (No. 587) – Urban Psyllid pests, Secretary’s report, Book review “Collecting and sampling insects”, Predaceous mosquito Toxorhynchites speciousus

May 2009 (No. 586) – Invasive ants, Editors report, Financial report, Arctiid moth

March 2009 (No. 585) – Notice of AGM, Museum Pests, Symposium of Subterranean Biology, Treasurers Report, Coffin flies, Christmas function

November 2008 (No. 584) – Cicadas, Aust Ent Soc conference, Ku-Ring-Gai Wildflower Festival, Passeromyia indecora

September 2008 (No. 583) – Testing household insecticide products, University Student Presentation Day, Remembering some old colleagues- Joseph Szent-Ivany

July 2008 (No. 582 – Ku-ring-gai Wildflowers 2008, Alpine Ants, Stable fly – Stomoxys calcitrans

May 2008 (No. 581) – University Student Presentation Day, AGM, Website, Secretary’s report, Editors report, Business Manager’s report, Egypt, Brown Blowflies

March 2008 (No. 580) – Mosquitoes of NSW, Sydney Olympic park, Treasurer’s report, Simulid larvae

February 2008 (No. 579) – zoo visit, Apenesia sp., Christmas party, Archimantis

November 2007 (No. 578) – Whitefly diversity, Kur-ing-gai Wildflower Festival, Bungonia Caves silverfish

September 2007 (No. 577) – Biological control of Paropsis charybdis, Sycamore Lace Bug, Citrus Fruit Borer, Cave Crickets

July 2007 (No. 576) – Secondary pests in cotton, Lily Caterpillars, Grass Harvesting termites, What Future for the Society?

May 2007 (No. 575) – Some insects of Muller Plateau, Richmond Birdwing Butterfly

April 2007 (No. 574) – Presidents Report, Mozzies on plane

March 2007 (No. 573) – Financial Report, Blue-banded Bee

December 2006 (No. 572) – Mosquito traps, Christmas Beetles

September 2006 (No. 570) – Ciulfina mantids, Silverfish & Jumping bristletails, Fiddler beetle

August 2006 (No. 569) – Control of Small Hive beetle, Bogong moth

July 2006 (No. 568 – Stingless bees, Argentine ant

June 2006 (No. 567) – Nasal Bot fly, Timeline of Entomology part 2

May 2006 (No. 566) – Fruit Tree borer, President’s Report, Drone fly, Vapormate, Timeline of Entomology part 1

April 2006 (No. 565) – Report of the Council, Robber flies

February 2006 (No. 563) – Bedbugs, Termite alates, Aphid symposium

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