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The Journal of the Entomological Society of New South Wales Inc.



Rise and demise of chemical used for Australian grain protection with a focus on New South Wales

Ryan, R. & Dominiak, B.C.

Malathion is a key insecticide for the treatment of stored grain pests but its continued use patterns are under review by regulatory authorities. In this literature review, we reflect on grain storage protection issues in Australia but with a focus on New South Wales. Any grain stored for extended times is likely to become infested with storage insect pests. We review storage and export issues in early Australia and observe the challenges and changes created by two world wars, the depression and boom production years. Modern grain protection started with the use of malathion, however the detection of malathion resistance necessitated the introduction of other insecticide options. Fumigants were developed but these also suffered from the onset of resistance. The efficacy of insecticides and fumigants could be improved through combination with other gases or insecticides with different modes of action. Finally, we review the pesticides registered for grain insect pest control and speculate on prospects for grain protection.

General and Applied Entomology 52: 1-11 (published on-line 16.3.2024)

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